What kind of information can I receive from ZIKTO Walk’s display?

You can check time, step-count, walking score, call/SMS notifications, and battery-life by pressing the button on the left of the device. The following are the featured icons that appear on the Phantom LED Display.   Watch with the first press. Your Walk tells time. (*Device must be synced to your mobile in advance, in order […]

I lost my ZIKTO Walk.

Thankfully, there is a useful free app which helps you scan and locate all devices using Bluetooth Low Energy. Once you download the app, turn on your Bluetooth and open the app. You will see your device on the list if it’s nearby. Then start looking under your cushion covers and behind the sofa! For […]

Can I swim with ZIKTO Walk?

ZIKTO Walk is a water resistant device, so you don’t need to worry about rain or sweat. However, wearing the device while showering or swimming will damage it!

How does ZIKTO Walk analyze my body balance?

When you first register your ZIKTO Walk, you will be asked to wear your device on your left wrist, then your right. No one has a perfectly balanced body, therefore left and right arm swings cannot be identical. ZIKTO Walk utilizes these imperfections to compare your arms. This data is used to determine the extent […]

How does ZIKTO Walk analyze my walking posture?

ZIKTO Walk measures your arm swing speed, a degree of rotation with respect to gravity, transferred vibration from the feet and more. Based on these measurements, ZIKTO Walk sends you notifications when you walk with a bad posture.

I want to receive Call/SMS notifications from my ZIKTO Walk. How do I set it up?

ZIKTO Walk currently provides Call/SMS notification for Android 4.3 and above only. iOS users, you’ll need to wait a little longer for this feature! 1) Enable Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 BLE) on your phone. 2) Activate your app & Go to Settings > Device Settings > Call notification/SMS Notification and enable notifications. 3) When Call/SMS notification […]

How will I know if I’m walking with a bad walking posture?

ZIKTO Walk consistently analyzes your walking posture. When it detects a bad walking posture, it gently vibrates on your wrist and a visual alert is displayed on the device’s Phantom LED Display. Phone Walking Your Walk alerts you when you look at your mobile phone while you are walking Slow Walking Your Walk alerts you […]