What are the sizes of the straps?

ZIKTO Walk comes with a pair of silicon straps that provide ultimate comfort. We also stock a range of alternative, interchangeable straps, to appeal a wide range of personal styles. We have leather straps and MOREE wish bracelet straps available, with more options to come. Here’s a handy size guide, so you can choose the […]

Is it hard to change straps by myself?

We provide a ‘strap changing tool’ to help you change straps. We’ve also provided instructions here on how to change straps. Carefully force the spring bars apart, with the provided tool, until they are completely separated from the device. Make sure you hold your ZIKTO Walk securely with the other hand and place it on […]

Can I buy straps separately?

Sure! We provide silicon straps in our basic package but you can buy leather (camel/black) or MOREE wish bracelet straps (balance/energy) separately,to give you different style options. Please go to zikto.com to take a look at various straps that we have!