How can I turn on/off call/SMS notifications on iOS?

*iOS: How to turn on call/sms notifications: Go to Settings on the ZIKTO App. Go to Device Setting > Call/SMS Notification Setting. When the pop-up page for Call/SMS notification appears, click the ‘Understood’ button . When ‘Bluetooth Pairing Request’ pop-up will show up, press the ‘Pair’ button. If you go to Settings app on your […]

How do I re-register my walking pattern?

1) Wear your ZIKTO Walk on your left wrist. 2) Activate your app & Go to Settings > Device Settings > Register Device and press “Register Your ZIKTO Walk” button. 3) After putting your phone in your pocket, walk for about 20 seconds until ZIKTO Walk vibrates. 4) After ZIKTO Walk vibrates, wear your ZIKTO […]

How do I register my walking pattern?

– Please register your ZIKTO Walk on your app before you register your walking pattern. 1) Enable Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 BLE) on your phone. 2) Activate your app & Go to Settings > Device Settings > Call notification/SMS Notification and enable notifications. 3) Activate your app. Go to Settings > Device Settings > Register Device […]

How does the app measure Body Balance?

1) ZIKTO Walk contains a function embedded to analyze and sense your natural walking posture. 2) When you walk naturally, ZIKTO saves your walking pattern. ZIKTO Walk saves the directions of your arm and compares the two swings to find out the extent of your body’s imbalance. 3) When you first register your ZIKTO Walk, […]

How does the app measure ‘Walking Score’?

1) The app measures your arm swing speed, rotation angle with respect to gravity, transferred vibration from the feet and more. 2) Based on these measurements, ZIKTO Walk learns your bad walking habits, such as looking at a smartphone or hunching while walking 3) ZIKTO Walk then gives a score based on your walking patterns. […]

What about my privacy?

ZIKTO’s goal is to help people to have a balanced body and life. The device and connected app provide data on health and walking habits so you can track your progress, and keep your body healthy and balanced. We are committed to respecting your privacy, keeping your data safe, and letting you decide how your […]

What information does the app provide?

There are 3 useful categories of information you can receive from ZIKTO app. 1) Sound Walking: Provides walking score and timeline that updates, based on your walking habits. 2) Balanced Body Analysis: Provides body balance data, based on your arm swing. 3) Daily Activity: Provides daily activity data, such as Step-Count, Calories Burned, Sleeping Pattern, […]