What’s the ultimate goal of ZIKTO?

At ZIKTO, we believe that your body is the core factor in achieving a balanced life. ZIKTO has developed services that track and analyze activities in your daily life, which affect health and well-being. This analysis helps provide honest tips and advice to help you achieve balance. Ultimately, Team ZIKTO will do our best to […]

What’s the meaning of ZIKTO?

ZIKTO means “telling it straight” in Korean. Our goal is to analyze your body and small habits, and to provide valuable information straight and directly.

What caused you to make ZIKTO Walk?

We wanted to create a product that can help people build a balanced body and life. We believe that a few simple changes in habit can be the key to shaping a balanced body. Instead of helping you walk and exercise more, like other fitness bands do, ZIKTO Walk helps you exercise better, in order to achieve […]