You can check time, step-count, walking score, call/SMS notifications, and battery-life by pressing the button on the left of the device.
The following are the featured icons that appear on the Phantom LED Display.


touch1 Watch
with the first press. Your Walk tells time. (*Device must be synced to your mobile in advance, in order to set your watch.)
touch1 Step Count(Pedometer)
With the second press, it turns pedometer. (*After a short pause, it tells how many steps you have made.)
touch1 Walking Score
With the third press, it shows a simple icon with the score below (*Your walking socre is on the basis of 99 points.)
touch1 Call
With the fourth press, it tells how many phone calls you have missed.
touch1 SMS
With the fifth press, it tells how many messages you have missed.
touch1 Remaining Battery
With *quickly pressing the button twice, it shows your device’s remaining battery. (*Layer: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)